The Baca Charity

The Baca Charity provides supported accommodation, education and training for young, unaccompanied asylum seekers aged between 16 and 18 years old. Established in 2008, the Baca Charity operates in Loughborough.


Baca supports young asylum seekers with high quality, specialist care programmes. It is recognised as a best practice provider in official Home Office guidelines for working with this group. Baca has housed many clients in houses rented from private landlords. Because Loughborough is a small university town competition for property is tough and a lot of staff time was spent finding property and negotiating contracts.



SASC has made a £1.75m investment in the Baca Charity, through its Social and Sustainable Housing (SASH) fund. As a result, Baca will be able to purchase and refurbish 7 properties in appropriate parts of Loughborough.




The loan will serve to consolidate and improve Baca's existing impact by bringing all but one of its properties into ownership. This will make Baca more sustainable and allow staff time to focus more on support provision. It also protects them against rising rents in an affluent student town.