HCT Group

HCT Group is a social enterprise providing a range of transport services such as school transport, social services transport or community transport. SASC’s investment of £500,000 was part of a round of £10m bringing in mainstream and social banks, foundations and impact funds.


Public transport makes a big difference to people’s lives – especially to those who are most deprived or vulnerable – by helping to support access to jobs, education, healthcare and community life. As a successful social enterprise, HCT delivers commercial transport contracts while also developing group transport projects for community organisations, supporting individuals in need with better access to services and developing employability programmes for low income groups.


SASC has made a £500,000 investment to support HCT’s next phase of growth, which includes a large expansion of its Special Educational Needs (SEN) programme transporting special needs children to and from school.




The investment will help HCT to grow £18m of cumulative new business from SEN contracts, working with local authorities in an area of the transport market which is not served by commercial operators. HCT will also continue working with marginalised and community groups, growing both number of journeys provided to these group and geographical reach. The investment will also support HCT’s pilot in Jersey based on the ‘whole place approach’ which looks to maximise impact by building social value into business operations.