Homes for Good Glasgow

Homes for Good is a social letting agency dedicated to providing good quality social and affordable housing in Glasgow and surrounding areas.   


Founded in 2013, Homes for Good is a social enterprise that serves to meet the housing needs of vulnerable and marginalised individuals, as well as providing a dedicated tenancy support service for those requiring it. 


Homes for Good was founded by Susan Aktemel in 2013 with the purpose of supporting the under-served in the community and individuals who fall on the spectrum between homelessness, social and affordable housing. Susan recognised the need for an alternative approach to growing housing demand with the importance of access to appropriately located, high quality housing being obvious to enabling individuals to often address wider challenges such as mental health, family breakdown and recovery from drug and/or alcohol dependency. Homes for Good wanted to focus on building a portfolio of good quality homes across the city of Glasgow.




SASC has made a £2.85m investment into a new subsidiary, Homes for Good Glasgow, using our innovative property finance structure, which will support the social enterprise to grow their portfolio of homes. The social investment structure was designed to address the specific needs of impactful, accommodation-based charities and social enterprises like Homes for Good, and was developed to offer an alternative to the range of financing options currently available.




SASC’s investment will support Homes for Good Glasgow to increase the provision of quality housing, with at least 50 additional properties to serve their beneficiaries and homelessness partner organisations. Our aim is that a greater number of men, women and children facing housing challenges in and around Glasgow will have access to appropriate accommodation and the support services that are offered through the unique social letting agency.





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