We look for organisations providing sustainable solutions to social challenges


Our investment approach seeks to develop enduring partnerships with the organisations we support.  We have a step by step investment process for assessing investment opportunities.

We focus on balancing how an investment from SASC can help organisations become more financially sustainable and generate more social impact in both the short and long term.  Our approach is:

Open and transparent

As a growing organisation ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with building an enterprise.  That's why we believe a straightforward approach is the best way to work with our current and potential investees.  If you are applying for an investment from SASC you can expect to work with the same team of people throughout the investment process and be given an upfront understanding of what will be required to complete our due diligence and the timelines involved.  

Driven by social impact

Social outcomes are at the heart of every investment decision we make.  To ensure that we make investments that generate greater impact, we have developed an approach for assessing the social impact potential of each proposal and a framework for monitoring social impact once we've made an investment.  We will work closely with you to understand how your organisation creates and monitors impact and, if needed, we can help you develop processes to support this.  The outcomes we track include improved health and well being, greater education and skills attainment, improved housing and local facilities and community cohesion.

Flexible to investee needs

SASC is committed to developing creative solutions to support ambitious social sector organisations.  We try to offer potential investees financing solutions that they may be unable to obtain elsewhere.  One avenue is looking for where market changes create new opportunities; another is working with our partners to blend different pools of capital such as grant and loan.  We believe in structuring simple yet innovative solutions to meet the needs of the organisations we invest in.