Peter Morris

Investment Director

Peter Morris worked for twenty-five years in financial markets in New York and then in London. His work mostly involved credit analysis except for one interlude where he helped start a fund management firm that specialized in small quoted companies. Since leaving Morgan Stanley in 2009, he has been a consultant in various roles. This included being part of a team that wrote the “Business in Development” report for the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact in 2014-15. He also conducts independent research into private equity. This has involved publications (academic, think tank, general media), media and conferences. He is currently chair of governors at a primary school and a governor at a second one. Working at SASC reminds him of previous professional roles where he enjoyed being part of a process of coming up with new ways to think about things: in this case, how social impact and finance can be made to work together. His last formal education (a long time ago now) was a degree in classics. That means he also enjoys the challenge of explaining how Latin and Greek help in understanding an organisation’s financial needs!