Affinity Trust

Affinity Trust is a charity which has been operating for 25 years to support people with learning disabilities to lead the lives they want to, as independently as possible. 


The Third Sector Investment Fund has provided £150,000 of investment capital on a risk sharing basis to finance the delivery of a payment by results contract in Bradford under the Life Chances Fund (a government scheme to promote social investment).  The contract aim is to support children with  learning disabilities to remain at home through a recognised Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) intervention.


Many children and young people with learning disabilities are moved out of their own homes into residential placements.  resulting in poorer outcomes.  Affinity Trust has been selected to deliver a Positive Behavioural Support programme in Bradford for children in their own homes.  PBS involves working with families to help them understand and cope with children’s’ behaviour in a new way.  It aims to work with beneficiaries by developing their skills, improving their quality of life and that of their parents and reducing the frequency and intensity of challenging behaviours. 


The Bradford PBS contract has been awarded to Affinity on a payment by results basis (PBR).  Similar to our investment in Family Action’s Safe Haven project, SASC and Affinity Trust have structured a simple financing arrangement that shares risk and reward appropriately.   If the PBR intervention performs well, SASC will share in the upside.  Conversely, if it does less well than expected, SASC will also share any losses that are incurred. 



Affinity Trust has a strong track record of supporting those with particularly complex needs, through working with them in their own homes and providing opportunities for community interaction and socialisation.  Affinity Trust will work directly with14 children aged 8 to 14 using an evidence-based intervention that improves outcomes for the young person.  As well as remaining at home, the intervention seeks to help children maintain relationships with family and friends, become an active part of their community and deliver value for money.

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