Storeroom 2010

Storeroom 2010 is an inspirational social enterprise situated on the Isle of Wight working to improve the local community.




Storeroom 2010 enables deprived families to furnish their homes in a more affordable way. This improves their quality of life and preserves their dignity.



Several areas of the Isle of Wight suffer from disproportionately high unemployment and child poverty compared to other areas in the UK.  To help combat this, Nick and Wendy Miller established Storeroom in 2010 as a charity.  The main business unit being Storeroom Furniture and with a complementary Community Project, previously Storeroom Education, currently The Cowes Men’s Shed.  Storeroom Furniture collects donated furniture and sells affordably to the public and at reduced cost to low-income and marginalised individuals across the island.  The Cowes Men’s Shed is open to everyone 18+ and offers free membership.  Men’s Sheds encourage social connections and friendship building, the sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter!


SASC provided Storeroom2010 with a £360,000 loan alongside a grant of £80,000 from Power to Change. This funding package allowed Storeroom to buy the warehouse where it stores and sells furniture. The building is next to the Storeroom Men in Sheds premises. The Isle of Wight does not have many buildings suitable for Storeroom2010’s furniture business. Being able to buy the warehouse it already uses will help Storeroom work towards securing its long-term future.



Having bought the building, Storeroom2010 intends to increase the benefits to the local community by installing a lift for disabled access as well as extending the mezzanine floorspace.  Storeroom additionally offers apprentice, volunteer, and Community Payback opportunities. In 2019 Storeroom2010 assisted with the re-use of over 150 tonnes of furniture which would otherwise have gone to landfill. The charity also enabled more than 6,000 households to benefit from affordable items to improve their quality of life.  Storeroom’s Men in Sheds Community Project saw nearly 1,500 member visits with several members becoming part of the Cowes Men’s Shed ‘Century Club’ with over 100 visits each.