CEO Ben Rick and Board Chair Nat Sloane feature in Social Business Builder’s podcast with Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE discussing SASC’s story and it’s mission to provide flexible financing to charities and social enterprises across the UK.

“From Bond Trader to Social Business Builder: The amazing story of Ben Rick founder of Social and Sustainable Capital who swapped corporate finance for social change. His mission to provide essential growth finance to social business’ and charities. We talk to Nat Sloane, himself a venture capitalist turned philanthropist and social investor who became chair of Social and Sustainable Capital. 

In this podcast, Ben and Nat reflect on the journey of setting up a social finance institution, the learning on the way and how they eventually built one of the most successful social finance institutions in the world supporting charities and social businesses all over the United Kingdom. With Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE and guest Dr. Noah Isserman.”