Our Thrive project is our newest service which provides long-term permanent housing and support to clients with complex needs.

John suffers from mental health and physical issues. Due to arthritis and other progressive physical health issues he has very limited mobility and relies on the use of walking sticks. Before joining Thrive, John’s accommodation did not suit his physical needs, and he was extremely unhappy.

John joined Thrive shortly after the project opened in June 2021. John came to Thrive with a history of substance misuse, trauma and vulnerabilities. He had a previous opiate addiction however, he has been abstinent for several years with the help of a prescription but due to his health issues he has struggled to access the chemist.

Following the death of his son, John developed depression and during this time he experienced a poor diet and was struggling with money, shopping and leaving his accommodation.

When John joined Thrive we ensured that his accommodation met his physical and mental health needs. He was given a ground floor flat with disabled access. His accommodation was situated amongst ample green spaces to which he could look out on from his own balcony.

Our support staff visit John daily and aid with his shopping, house up-keep, and budgeting. Staff have helped him register with a local GP and opticians, which was initially daunting to John, yet with the help of his support worker he has overcome his fears. John is extremely happy at Target Thrive with his new accommodation and his support. He had this to say;

“I was ecstatic when I moved here. I am happy about my house, I call it Handsworth Chateau. It’s so quiet here. My support worker is the best of the best, she is always here for me. She takes me shopping, helps me clean my house, puts the washing out for me, takes me to appointments. I trust her. She has taught me how to use my phone. I feel safe here. This is my home for life!”

Learn more about Target’s Thrive Project here: https://targethousing.org.uk/service_map/thrive/