Working to address social and economic inequality in the UK

This fund is now closed for new investment

The Third Sector Investment Fund

The Third Sector Investment Fund (TSIF) was re-launched in July 2017.

The fund makes loans of between £250,000 and £3 million to charities and social enterprises across the UK. We look for organisations working in any sector whose impact will help disadvantaged individuals across more than one local community.

TSIF aims

To support organisations across all social sectors, focused on improving the economic and social well-being of individuals, particularly those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

TSIF directly addresses 4 SDGs

The Third Sector Investment Fund supports organisations across all social sectors which focus on improving the economic and social well-being of individuals from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

TSIF recognises the need for unsecured lending to high performing social sector organisations that can pose a higher financial risk.

Poverty and inequality in the UK leave many people caught in a poverty trap.

TSIF offers flexible forms of finance to organisations working to alleviate poverty.

Energy debt and fuel poverty is a big driver of social inequality across the UK.

TSIF funds community projects that increase energy efficiency and help address fuel debt.

Access to education, training and employment are key to social inclusion and breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

TSIF provides flexible finance to organisations that support groups excluded from the employment market and individuals not in Education Employment or Training (NEET).

Ensuring equal opportunities and access to services is critical to reducing inequality.

TSIF provides funding to organisations that empower people and communities through education, employment and support.

TSIF portfolio




Total investment made to date


Organisations supported to date

To be eligible for investment an organisation must demonstrate the following:

  • Be a registered charity or social enterprise
  • Be based and have operations in the UK
  • Have a clear social mission with significant, measurable, direct outcomes
  • Have a focus on supporting disadvantaged/vulnerable people
  • Be led by a strong management with proven capability to deliver
  • Have a robust business plan and financial projections
  • A clear demonstration of how investment repayment will be made
  • Have good corporate governance

SASC is really supportive and we’ve had a very positive experience accessing social investment.

Jonathan Parsons, Chime CEO

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