Are you looking to grow? Do you want to purchase, renovate or build property to help you improve the work that you do? If so, do you lack access to capital for a deposit?

Are you looking to grow?

SASC and Charity Bank can help you to achieve your goals and increase your social impact. By working together, our loans and joint expertise could help you:

  • buy property and development sites
  • refurbish existing property
  • purchase community assets being transferred in your community
  • develop buildings or property to be used by communities


Here’s how it works:


Who can apply?

  • we lend to charities, community interest companies (CICs), community benefit companies, and companies limited guarantee (with a charitable purpose) in the UK
  • those who can demonstrate they have a strong historic cash flow and a clear future ability to take on and repay the loans
  • those who are clearly focused on delivering high social impact
  • those with a total loan requirement of £800,000 and above


About Charity Bank

Charity Bank is an ethical bank that exists to lend to organisations with charitable goals. We’re entirely owned by charitable foundations, trusts and social purpose organisations, so we keep social mission at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a deep interest in what you do and a team of regional managers to work with you side-by-side. Since 2002, we’ve approved over £250 million of loans to charities and social enterprises from across the UK. We are authorised by the PRA and regulated by both the PRA and the FCA.

What drives us isn’t maximising profits, but a shared idea about the world we want to live in. If you’re looking for a bank that shares your values, work with us.

100% of our borrowers would recommend us


About Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC)

SASC is an FCA authorised and regulated fund manager and social enterprise providing finance to charities and social enterprises in the UK, so they can grow and achieve greater impact.

Our team brings together expertise from the financial and social sectors. We are a social enterprise ourselves, with 51% of our profits going to our charity partner the Social Investment Business Foundation.

Our mission is simple: to help social sector organisations deliver scalable and sustainable solutions to social issues.

Big Society Capital’s Business Impact Challenge rated SASC as “highly commended”


Talk us through what you need

For more information about this type of finance, please contact us. You can call either Charity Bank or SASC in the first instance, we’ll then work with you on your loan application should you be eligible.


Charity Bank

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About Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC)

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